Mis-Selling & Unfair Treatment

With the right support and expertise you won’t be a victim.

In recent years it has become all too clear that even those institutions that we thought were above reproach, have been and in some cases continue to be, involved with ‘sharp practice’ when providing goods, services and finance to their customers.

In particular, banks have been exposed as being less than fair in some cases especially in relation to the selling of certain financial products such as PPI or restructuring loans and overdrafts to the detriment of their clients.

If you suspect that you have been mis-sold a particular product or service or have been treated unfairly, we can access expert legal analysis to determine whether anyone has a case to answer and whether you are entitled to a refund or damages.

Even if it is just for your peace of mind, we would be happy to look at all your financial agreements and commitments, whether it be business or personal, to ensure that you have been treated fairly.

If you haven’t, we can begin the process of getting you the redress you deserve.