Divorce & Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

Once the decision has been made, getting the right support and legal assistance to help you move on is vital.

Whilst the divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership procedure is primarily an administrative process the impact on the lives of those involved is significant.

We will ensure that you are provided with representation and easy to understand expert legal advice when you need it most.

Family Law often covers a wide range of issues whether it is for those who are married, in a civil partnership or living together. We will ensure that you receive the benefit of expert knowledge in all areas of family law from those with the experience and expertise to guide you through what is undoubtedly a very difficult time.

With a pragmatic approach and focus on minimising stress and achieving the best possible outcome, you will receive the help you need to address all the difficult questions such as, what will happen to the house? Where will the children live? What will happen to my pension? Will I have to pay maintenance? Will I receive maintenance? What about the assets I brought into the relationship? What will happen to my inheritance?

You will be provided with tailored fixed fees so you know how much your case will cost at each stage.