Dispute Resolution

It’s about resolving matters satisfactorily & swiftly so you can move on.

Whether you have a personal or business dispute with someone, they have a tendency to drag on and sap valuable time and resources.

Disputes often involve one side threatening to take legal action but neither side really wanting to incur the cost and risk of litigation.

We can assure you that our goal will be to help you resolve matters quickly and ideally without the need for a long protracted legal battle.

Our advice would be to involve us as soon as possible before matters escalate to the point of no return.

We can quickly assess the situation and inform you as to what your prospects of success are likely to be if legal action could not be avoided, giving you the information you require to determine how best to handle the dispute.

We can also provide the assistance of an experienced Barrister to potentially mediate between you and the other party, identifying the legal realities in order that you might reach a satisfactory conclusion without the need for expensive and protracted litigation.

However, rest assured that if litigation is unavoidable, via our membership of the Legal Services Guild you will have a wealth of expertise and experience to draw upon, including Barristers and leading Queen’s Counsel.