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Legal Services Guild

A new and effective way to access the legal services you need.

Throughout our lives most of us will need the assistance of a legal practitioner on a number of occasions whether it’s because we are moving house, making a will, starting a new business, been injured in an accident or a whole host of other reasons. No one lawyer or firm can profess to be an expert in all areas and finding the right person to represent you is what’s most important.

Within the Legal Services Guild there are specialists in all aspects of personal and business law including Solicitors, Barristers & Queens Counsel. To find the best person for you, a national network of Barrister Intermediaries will help to assess your needs and point you in the right direction with absolutely no obligation.

Let us help you to find the legal support and assistance you need.

There is no substitute for good professional advice.

Legal Services Guild work with professionals all over the country. Let us point you in the right direction to get the advice you need.

View our Legal Services

Wills, Trusts & Legacy Planning
Making sure your loved ones are protected.
Shareholder Agreements
Every business should have one
Buying & Selling Property
An enhanced conveyancing service from LSG Conveyancing
Business Continuity
Making sure someone you trust can take over if you lose capacity

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